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BATA's Fuel and LPG service offer a full range of energy products from fuel oil, LPG, bottled gas, industrial gases, lubricants and heating services.


We can serve your domestic, industrial or agricultural needs whether they are small or large.


With our reliable team of long standing drivers and fleet of tankers we can deliver to our local customers and supply LPG and fuel oil across North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

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BATA distributes a full range of quality fuel oils meeting all relevant British Standards. We deliver throughout our trading area with a fleet of modern tankers, which vary in size from our ‘four wheel’ unit which can negotiate narrow lanes and restricted access, to articulated units for the large industrial and commercial user.


Prompt service, complete reliability and competitive prices are the hallmarks of BATA’s growing fuel business, which is backed up by local understanding of individual customer requirements. Our range of quality fuel oils supplied to agricultural horticultural, domestic and industrial users include:

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 

High performance premium quality diesel fuel for efficient
combustion to provide clean burning and reduced smoke

Gas Oil

Top quality 35secs red diesel oil used for off road equipment.

Superheat 28 Kerosene

High quality clean burning kerosene which provides
maximum heat output combined with economy. Ideal for use in domestic boilers and appliances.

Fuel Bunkering

A service with provides access to over 900 sites across
Great Britain for long distance hauliers using the Diesel
Direct network. Phone 01653 605250 for further details.


Unleaded formulation which is more environmentally
friendly and helps reduce emissions and maintain

Superheat 35 Heating Oil

35sec oil especially suitable for use in light industrial and
larger domestic boilers.


Multiburn Max is a virgin high-quality mineral oil fuel
specially blended from components to deliver the properties required for a heating and process fuel oil where the  technical requirements for use in a combustion engine are not required.

Advantages of Multiburn Max are high calorific value, non-offensive odour and low colour. It’s a cost-effective mineral oil fuel solution suitable for most industrial type non- engine applications covered by the Medium Combustion Plant Directive.


BATA sells the full range of Millers lubricants, greases and anti-freeze, which if not in stock at your local store, can normally be obtained within a few working days. 


Millers Oils is a leading manufacturer and independent blender of oils and lubricants, operating since 1887 in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. If you do not see the product you require or need advice on lubricants or grease applications and suitability for equipment, contact our fuel office where our staff will be pleased to assist. Other products are also available.


Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 

20L | 205L

Maxifleet 15W40

20L | 205L

Truckmaster LD10W40

20L | 205L

Alpine Antifreeze Red

20L | 205L

Multifleet 15W40

20L | 205L

Trucksynth LE10W40

20L | 205L


Delta 00EP

12.5kg | 50kg

Deltaplex 2EP

Carts | 12.5kg | 50kg

Delta 2EP

Carts | 12.5kg | 50kg


Millfarm XTOU 15W50 | 10W30

20L | 205L

Millfarm 10W30 | 10W40

20L | 205L


Millmax 32 | 46 | 68 | 46HV

20L | 205L


Millgear 150EP | 320 EP | 68EP | 680 EP 

20L | 205L


Trident 10W40 Semi Synthetic

20L | 205L

XF Longlife 5W40 | C2 5W30

20L | 205L

Trident 5W30 | 40 Semi Synthetic

20L | 205L


Gas Oil Conditioner

1L | 5L

Gas Oil Supreme

1L | 5L

Anti Bug Protect

1L | 5L


1L | 5L

Gas Oil Extra

1L | 5L

Anti Bug Kill

1L | 5L

Fuel Store Plus

1L | 5L



Gas Where You Want It

BATA supplies gas to farms, businesses and homes
throughout North and east Yorkshire.

LPG is one of the most versatile forms of fuel available. 
Supplied in bulk by our tankers or delivered to your door in cylinders, LPG is suitable for many domestic, commercial, horticultural and agricultural applications.


As well as providing energy for hot water and central
heating, gas can be used for cooking, a large range of fires and stoves, BBQ’s and alfresco heating from patio heaters.

BATA is a member of the UKLPG Association, which ensures we work to the highest standards.

Bulk LPG

Our bulk gas tankers service many hundreds of customers
in the area. With a range of tankers, including a specially
designed smaller vehicle to operate on tight roads and
narrow entrances, BATA offers a competitively prices
personal service.
Customers can choose to have gas delivered using our top
up service which means there is no reason to worry about
running out of fuel.


Cylinder Gas

Calor Gas in cylinders is available to collect from all our
Country Stores. Campin Gaz is available from Helmsley,
Gate Helmsley and Seamer. Seamer and Gate Helmsley
stores also stock appliances and components specially
designed for use with LPG as well as providing a routine
and repair service for cabinet heaters and gas equipment.
BBQ’s, Patio Heaters and Cabinet heaters are just some of the items on show at Seamer. Our trained staff are available for professional advice on all types of LPG equipment. FREEPHONE 0800 6128 154 for Cylinder Deliveries. 

Auto Gas

This popular low cost environmentally friendly fuel is available from Seamer and Gate Helmsley, as well as Helmsley Garage.

Industrial Gas

BATA is an agent for Air Products industrial gases, who
supply a large range of products for welding, cutting,
balloons etc. For details please contact either our Gate
Helmsley or Seamer stores.


System Maintenance

Our fuel customers receive priority attention from our team
of fully qualified and experienced heating maintenance
engineers for routine service and the repair of equipment in the event of a breakdown. 


Installation of new or replacement oil and gas tanks or
cylinders can be undertaken by our engineering team.

Many old steel and plastic tanks are nearing the end of their useful life and with the environmental problems a leak can cause, it could be time to consider a renewal. BATA is able to offer a complete new fuel storage tank installation, using steel or plastic tanks which conform to current legislations.

BATA stocks a comprehensive range of bulk LPG tanks.
These can usually be installed free of charge and supplied to customers using BATAgas. An option for the smaller user of gas (usually for gas fire or cooker supplies) can be a supply from cylinders and an auto change valve ensures a continuous supply.

Both BATAgas and most modern oil tanks can be fitted with a Remote Fuel Management System. This automatically monitors the level of fuel in the tank and relays information to BATA Fuel Office to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fuel.

For further information on any of our heating services
phone 01653 605250. 

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