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BATA Heating Services

System Maintenance

Our fuel customers receive priority attention from our team of fully qualified and experienced heating maintenance engineers for routine service and the repair of equipment in the event of a breakdown. 


Installation of new or replacement oil and gas tanks or cylinders can be undertaken by our engineering team.

Many old steel and plastic tanks are nearing the end of their useful life and with the environmental problems a leak can cause, it could be time to consider a renewal. BATA is able to offer a complete new fuel storage tank installation, using steel or plastic tanks which conform to current legislations.

BATA stocks a comprehensive range of bulk LPG tanks. These can usually be installed free of charge and supplied to customers using BATA gas. An option for the smaller user of gas (usually for gas fire or cooker supplies) can be a supply from cylinders and an auto change valve ensures a continuous supply.

Both BATA gas and most modern oil tanks can be fitted with a Remote Fuel Management System. This automatically monitors the level of fuel in the tank and relays information to BATA Fuel Office to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fuel.

For further information on any of our heating services, please call 01653 605250. 


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