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Commercial LPG Services

Commercial Commercial

LPG from BATA is a flexible and affordable option for many types of business.

  • Hotels and pubs value the flexibility of heating and cooking that LPG provides
  • Warm air heating – fast response, easily controlled & easy to install & maintain
  • Radiant heating – systems deliver instantaneous heat directly where it is needed
  • Wet systems – modern condensing systems offer efficient heating solutions where boilers heat water through a radiator network. Savings are immediate when replacing a 15 year old oil or LPG boiler, as much as 30% is often the case

Fork Lift Trucks

On site storage to provide fuel for your fleet of FLT's is the easiest and most cost effective way to operate your trucks. BATA can install a re-fuelling station allowing trucks to be fuelled when convenient. Avoids confusion with full/empty cylinders, the need to monitor stocks and place orders. Fuel savings (with no product returned in part full cylinders).

Remote Monitoring

BATA have invested in a new remote monitoring system. The system is installed by our own engineers in about an hour, after that the level of fuel in your tank is monitored and automatic orders are placed when the volume gets to a low level. You can sit back and relax in the knowledge that you will never run out of LPG.