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Agricultural LPG Services


Crop drying

More and more farmers are switching to LPG for crop drying as they benefit from this more flexible, lower cost fuel. Mobile drying systems can dry up to 8 tonnes per hour when running on LPG and manufacuturers produce a range of options.  BATA can advise on the best system to choose, giving an easy to install and flexible solution.

Silo Systems 

A bigger investment but one that provides on farm storage all year round.  Temperature and humidity controlled LPG burners and fans deliver a managed, clean heat.

Flat Store

Large capacity option with agitators supporting humidity control and air blown heat.

Potato Stores

An ideal fuel to ensure temperature in stores does not fall below a pre-set level which might endanger the quality of the produce.


Controllable heat for ideal rearing conditions


LPG is proving to be more and more popular with growers in the UK with its clean burning, low cost features.  Switching from oil to LPG can often be a simple process with burner units exchanged with relatively modest investment.