Product Description

Nadins Hydramix is a unique cubicle lime for use in cow cubicles, poultry and stock sheds. Hydramix provides a rapid rise in pH yet is gentle enough not to burn. Safe to use as a single bedding material this one product has multiple applications.
Improves hygiene in lambing pens
Prevents bacterial conditions such as Watery Mouth, Navel ill and Scours
Prevents Foot Rot and Scald when applied correctly
Prevents Mastitis
Prevents Digital Dermatitis
Prevents E.Coli
Helps to keep cubicles dry
Helps to prevent Scours and Pneumonia
Can be used as a single bedding product
Improves Biosecurity
Protects against bacterial infections such as Newcastle disease and Avian Influenza, amongst others
Improves hygiene within the stock environment
General Farm Applications
Helps to neutralise odours
Absorbs moisture aiding the prevention of mould
Provides an improvement in Slurry quality when disposed, helping to neutralise acidic effluents
Provides further benefits to farmland when spread