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Our Feeds


BATA are an independent animal feed compounder with many years’ experience of balancing the highest quality raw materials to achieve true value for money and outstanding results on farm.

We are proud to offer our farmers a comprehensive service to provide practical solutions tailored to their business so the best possible results can be achieved from their livestock.

  • We supply high-quality diets designed for maximum feed efficiency. 
  • We have the ability to manufacture bespoke diets. 
  • We can offer forward contracts for the total ration or a book of selected raw materials. 
  • We offer support to improve output, reproduction and growth.


We supply dairy feeds that provide all of the essential nutrients necessary for top performance milk yield, milk quality, cow health & fertility. Each feed is designed to successfully balance and maximise the use of home grown forage to enable milk producers to confidently meet today's demanding milk yield and quality.

Renowned for their exceptional high standards of nutrition and excellent palatability, the dairy feeds that we supply are manufactured to exacting physical quality standards in our UFAS approved mill.


We supply a range of highly palatable and nutritious calf feed formulated to give calves the best possible start by achieving efficient rumen development and accelerating growth.

Calf feeds are vitally important as the animal’s potential is determined at day one and a good start will enable animals to reach maturity much more quickly. 


We pride ourselves on the quality of the feed that we supply, especially our Cattle Feed Range which are highly palatable and rich in nutrients to encourage top performance milk yield, milk quality, cow health and fertility.

Our Cattle Feed range gives your Cow or Calf one of the most efficient and healthy diet available.  


We supply a wide range of sheep feeds that are designed to maximise ewe productivity and ensure lambs grow strong and healthy with ideal growth rates.

Renowned for their exceptional high standards of nutrition and excellent palatability, the ewe and lamb feeds that we supply are manufactured to exacting physical quality standards in our UFAS approved mill. 

Premium goat feeds are also available.  


Our Pro-Mix coarse feed ranges are specially designed to be highly palatable and digestible ideal for young, pedigree and show livestock.

With high levels of extremely palatable materials such as flaked peas, maize and beans and cooked flaked barley, these diets promote intakes to maximise daily liveweight gains


We supply a versatile range of high-quality pig feeds designed for commercial and traditional pig breeds. We work hard to constantly review our feeds to meet the latest developments in pig genetics to achieve the performance needed for today’s challenging markets.   

Our highly digestible grower and finisher feeds will achieve fast efficient growth through to finishing. 

Our specially designed sow diets will achieve high levels of production from breeding pigs. 
All of our pig feeds are available as meal, nuts or rolls manufactured to exacting quality standards in our UFAS approved mill.

Rolls form may be used with outdoor of floor feeding systems.


Commercial Layers Units

We are able to supply a range of high-performance compound feeds designed for rearing and laying hens throughout their lifetime.

The feeds that we supply are trusted by farmers for their great value and sound nutrition. Each feed is manufactured to precise specifications tailored to specific needs and farming systems using premium raw materials to ensure profitable egg production.

Our Poultry Specialists work extremely closely with both national and international specialist suppliers exploring new ideals and feeding systems. 

Their research and development coupled with our considerable nutritional expertise enables us to formulate products using the latest advances in poultry nutrition.


For Farmyard Chickens

Layers Pellets and Mash are highly palatable general-purpose wholesome feeds that can be fed to flocks of mixed ages kept in housed or free-range conditions. A nutritious blend of quality raw materials promotes optimum hen health and achieves excellent egg production, consistent shell formation and delicious rich golden yolks.

Important trace elements, minerals and vitamins help maintain a healthy immune system and guard against common conditions seen in free ranging farmyard chickens.

Our layers feeds, for commercial laying units or farmyard chickens, are manufactured to the highest physical quality standards in our UFAS approved mill.


For more information on our vast range of different animal feeds, make direct contact with the local BATA Sales Representative in your area!

Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.
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