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Combinable Crop Services & Storage

Combinable Crop Services & Storage

At our Barmby Moor site, we provide storage for 40,000 tons of combinable crops in a mixture of flat stores and silos. We also operate grain drying and conditioning plants with cleaning, grading and colour sorting, and the capabilities to load and unload containers.

We operate a grain testing lab and are TASCC accredited, testing for quality for food and feed and mycotoxins. We also deal directly with farmers to provide a food and feed outlet for their combinable crops. We are registered as a food and feed facility with the council and operate the site under the TASSC code of practice. We have two weighbridges and operate one as a public weighbridge, with sampling spears on each bridge, hold an operator's license for 10 trucks.

Drying Facilities

Aside from our 40,000 tonnes worth of storage facilities, our Barmby Moor site also features drying facilities. Drying of grain involves exposing the product to air with low relative humidity, thus resulting in the evaporation of moisture. At BATA, we understand that drying and storage is central to optimising agricultural output, and that’s why we ensure accuracy in assessing and achieving accurate moisture levels.

Storage Facilities

Grain storage requires specialist facilities, and we’re committed to providing a specialist drying, handling, and storage service. Currently, our Barmby Moor site has an overall storage capacity of 40,000 tonnes, with the total silo storage capacity sitting at 10,000 tonnes, as each of our 10 silos hold 1,000 tonnes. Not only that, but we also have 10 flat stores located at our site for storing combinable crops. These flat stores allow for quick and hassle-free loading, ensuring efficiency during harvest season.

Public Weighbridge

Located at our Barmby Moor facility, those needing to weigh their vans, lorries, trailers, tractors, or any other vehicles, can do so using our Public Weighbridge. This privately-owned weighbridge has no restrictions, features robust weight sensors, and operates to a width of 3m, which is approximately 0.5m wider than the standard wagon width. Moreover, our Avery Standard Weighbridge is surface mounted, meaning that it’s designed for the challenges of tough, industrial environments and heavy loads. The cost to use our Public Weighbridge is £8.50 plus VAT.

Testing & Analysis

The Laboratory at our Barmby Moor site is fully operational all year round for the analysis of combinable crops. Our Laboratory is TASCC accredited, ensuring the quality of your crop for storage and the market.

Available analyses include:

  • Moisture
  • Specific weight
  • Nitrogen
  • Protein
  • Erucic acid
  • Screenings
  • Admixture
  • Germination (TZ)
  • Hagberg
  • Mycotoxins- DON, ZON and OTA.
  • Infestation
  • Bruchid

Test packages available and results within 24 hours.

Please call our laboratory technician for more information.

Telephone: 01759 303201

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