Farm Sales Team

You won't find our sales team sat behind a desk at HQ, they are out and about serving our farmers throughout Yorkshire.

You can also contact them directly, please find our representative's contact details below, there's also a map to help you find who covers your area!

Our Representatives

Make direct contact or use the contact us form below to contact the local Sales Representative in your area. 

Our helpful staff will be happy to help!


Sales Development Manager
Call: 07973404739

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Lee Thompson

Sales Manager
Call: 07810543495

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Mike Chester

Arable Techincal Specialist
Call: 07766337068

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Sally Bayes
CALL: 07976923678

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Colin Beevers
Call: 07875 276075

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Philip Booth
Call: 07884 430967

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Philip Coleman
Call: 07876 869812

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Nicola Dale
Call: 07843 285802

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Rose Thompson
Call: 07875 557 949

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