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Domestic LPG Services

Domestic Domestic Domestic

Why LPG? Our customers choose LPG because it provides a flexible and reliable way of heating the home.

  • Competitive prices
  • Free* tank installation
  • Zero spillage
  • Clean burning, with the lowest carbon footprint of any off mains fuel
  • Extremely difficult to steal
  • Tank monitoring service
  • Easy to switch to BATA LPG

Why BATA? Here are just a few reasons why more and more customers are switching to BATA:

  • Great value - consistently offering our customers great value
  • Local supplier - we really are part of the rural community and understand the needs of all of our customers
  • Excellent service - our farmer customers demand high quality service, and we apply those standards to all of our customers
  • Safety first - we maintain and test your tank to ensure it complies with all health and safety regulations
  • Friendly  - our customer service team deal with customers as individuals: no call queuing or automated systems at BATA!
  • Remote monitoring - automatically calculating the level of gas in your tank and arrange deliveries to ensure you never run out of gas
  • Flexible payment - our budget accounts are used by more and more customers to help them spread the cost of their heating bills

Storage Options

Above ground tanks
The simple way to store LPG is in an above ground tank.  Our specialist staff can help guide you through the location options.

Underground tanks
We can install tanks into the ground, saving valuable space and leaving the garden view unspoilt.

Not enough room?
If space is at a premium and there is no room for a tank we can install our Home Heat pack of 4×47kg cylinders.  This option comes with an automatic change over system for when one bank of cylinders runs empty and a gauge to show when to re-order gas.

Switching Supplier

Switching supplier couldn’t be easier.  The process is so simple and you even get to keep the same tank.  Once you have decided to switch we inform the old supplier and take care of everything else and before you know it you are enjoying all the benefits of being a BATA LPG customer.

New Boiler

Need a new boiler? no problem.  At BATA we offer a comprehensive heating maintenance service with our own team of experienced, qualified engineers.  For more information visit our Heating Services page here.

Remote Monitoring

BATA have invested in a new remote monitoring system to make our customers life's easier. The system is installed by our engineers in about an hour, after that the level of fuel in your tank in monitored and automatic orders are placed when the volume gets to a low level. You can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that you will never run out of LPG.

* Applies to above ground tanks in most cases, please call 01653 605250 for further details.