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AdBlue Supplies


BATA stock AdBlue in 10, 20, 205 litre containers and 1,000 litre IBC's and can also arrange bulk deliveries direct from the manufacturer to your door.  Our AdBlue is manufactured to the ISO 22241 quality standard.

We also supply a full range of manual and electric pump and transfer equipment available so whether you’re new to AdBlue or your own equipment has seen better days, we can help.

AdBlue is a blend of high quality urea and de-mineralised water and is used in modern vehicles with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems which is designed to reduce nitrogen oxide pollutants in exhaust emissions.

How much will I need?
The average use of AdBlue is about 5% of the amount of diesel or gas oil used, so for every 100 litres of fuel you use you will need to have 5 litres of AdBlue.

What about storage?
Under ideal conditions it will last about a year, but needs to stored out of direct sunlight and protected against very high or low temperatures (-5 to plus 30 degrees Celsius).
The key factor with ad-blue is to protect against contamination which can poison the catalyst, even the use of metal cans to dispense the ad-blue into the vehicle tank is advised against.
It is a non-toxic substance that won't pollute the environment and isn't flammable, although if spilt it is best to wash the surface down to prevent it becoming slippery.