Herbage Seed

BATA supplies a comprehensive range of grass and fodder crop seeds.

In partnership with Limagrain, a leading seed breeding house, BATA sells the Monarch range of grass seed mixtures. Direct delivery from the supplier ensures the seed is on the farm when required. As an added service we have a limited range of mixtures available from our Country Stores.

High Performance Leys

The mixtures in the High Performance group have been designed for growers who need the best from their grassland. Good grass production is not necessarily the selection of the newest, highest yielding varieties but more practically the choice of varieties that complement each other in their intended use.  
Constructing mixtures of cultivators, which grow compatibly, can increase grassland output sufficiently to satisfy the demands of professional grass producers. The mixtures in this High Performance group have been grown and been proven on thousands of acres across the UK.

As grassland establishment in important, each mixture is treated with two natural dressings to enhance the establishment stage and bring the ley into production with more certainty, particularly in more problematic seedbed conditions.
The first, integral, is bacterial dressing used to enhance root development.
The second, headstart, is an enzyme treatment which enhances early grass growth.

High Performance Leys
Shorter term Maxiyield
Medium/Longer term Maxicut, Multicut, Multigraze
Longer term Maxigraze
Flexibility Leys

A significant proportion of the grassland across the UK tends to be used for both grazing and cutting each year so deciding which mixture to choose can be difficult. The mixtures in this section of the Monarch range have been especially constructed to take into account the demands of most stockfarmers and the wide variation in the way grass needs to be used.

We have also taken into account the different climatic conditions in which grass is expected to thrive, providing mixtures best suited to lowland farms as well as mixtures for the Northern climates and cooler, damper soils often found on higher ground.

Each mixture can be confidently used for cattle and sheep enterprises and can provide reliable production even where fertiliser inputs are not so high. Whatever your circumstances you will find a ley in this section to suit your needs

Flexibility Leys
Shorter term Clovercut
Medium/Long term Flexiscot, Graze & Cut
Longer term Permanent Pasture


Value Leys

The current economic circumstances on many farms means costs need to be given great consideration before purchasing any product and re-seeding is just one of those items. It is not economically sensible to take the 'no action' route and avoid pasture improvement but there are ways in which expenditure can be greatly helped by the use of minimal cultivation or the over-seeding of existing pastures.

Whichever method is used, a close look at seed costs might also help the cause.The Value Leys in the Monarch Range have been constructed to keep seed prices at a reasonable level whilst still maintaining the seed quality.

We hope you find a mixture within this group of leys to suit your needs, if you have any questions call 01653 605200.

Value Leys
Shorter term Grass Booster
Medium/Longer term Rejuvenator
Longer term Greensward