Cereal ImageThe choice of variety is an important decision for any farmer. BATA's knowledge of varietal performance grown in Yorkshire conditions helps to ensure BATA has the best varieties of C1 and C2 available. Also a full choice from the range of current seed dressings is available depending on the customers needs.

Our choice of seed dressings:


A protectant seed treatment to control fusarium, bunt (seed and soil borne), septoria and loose smut on wheat and oats and leaf stripe in barley

Redigo Deter

A combined fungicide and insecticide dressing for cereals to control BYDV, also acts against wire worm and grain hollowing slugs.


A carboxmide fungicide seed dressing for cereals to reduce the effects of take-all.

Galmano Plus

A broad spectrum fungicide seed treatment. Septoria tritici, brown and yellow rust, fusarium, septoria nodorum, bunt, loose smut and take all on winter wheat, covered smut and leaf stripe on winter barley.

Austral Plus

Wheat bulb fly, wireworm on winter and spring wheat, barley and oats.

BATA is in contact with wholesale seed markets and specific varieties can be readily sourced including varieties of beans, peas, oil seed rape, triticale, maize and grazing rye.