Fertiliser-BagsCompounds and Blends

With the support of our suppliers we are able to meet the requirements of almost all our customers. From the management of grassland to arable businesses a fertiliser can always be matched to your crop requirements therefore providing optimal performance throughout.

Product Range

Because the current range available is so extensive it is not possible to list all analyses. UK and imported nitrogen along with almost any analysis you may require, can be sourced easily from our suppliers. 

It is important that crops receive the correct amount of fertiliser so please view our Fertiliser Recommendations or call 01653 605200 to discuss your fertiliser requirements.


Our efficient service direct from supplier to your farm will always ensure a high quality product, efficient service and competitive pricing. Large or small orders are all important to BATA.

Storage and Handling

Where possible it is recommended to store all fertilisers inside on pallets, if this is not possible then outside but sheeted as the bags are not waterproof and will absorb moisture.

Most fertilisers today are supplied in 600Kg tote bags so it is important to ensure that the capacity of all vehicles handling these products are compatible with the weight required to be transported such as trailers, spreaders and fork lifts. Also it is recommended that before moving bags check that the loading or unloading area is clear of potential hazards e.g. obstruction and power lines. A safety sheet is available here for the Handling of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (Tote Bags).

The Fertiliser Advisers Certificate And Training Scheme FACTS is a scheme run by BASIS to ensure the quality of advice and service given to farmers is of the standard required. BATA sales staff are qualified and FACTS registered.

Security of Fertiliser Storage on Farms


  • Do record fertiliser deliveries and usage.
  • Do, wherever possible, and with regard to HSE safety guidance, store fertiliser inside a locked building or compound.
  • Do fully sheet fertiliser when stored outside and regularly check to ensure that this stack has not been tampered with.
  • Do carry out regular stock checks.
  • Do report immediately any stock discrepancy or loss to the police.
  • Do record any manufacturer code number from the bags and, if available, the number of the detonation resistance test certificate.


  • Do not store fertilser where there is public access.
  • Do not leave fertiliser in the field overnight.
  • Do not store fertilser near to, or visible from, public highway.
  • Do not sell fertiliser unless the purchaser is personally known by you to be a bona-fide farmer user and is aware of the need to follow this guidance.