Here at BATA we stock an excellent selection of fencing, gates and timber for all your needs whether on the farm, small holdings or equestrian.


Our products are sourced from the leading suppliers in this field delivering a high standard product . 


With our ample warehouse space we are able to stock a high volume of these products at our Head Office and a varied range are on hand at our Country Stores or call 01653 605200 to discuss your requirements.



Gallagher M350

The smallest mains energiser in the Special edition series. This energiser has a fantastic price/quality ratio. The M350
has enough power for fencing of up to 28 km. The energiser has sturdy housing with a power LED and is fitted with a lightning conductor.


Gallagher MB300

A multi-power energiser for fences of up to 25 km. The energiser works on 230V and with a 12V battery. The design means the energiser is easy to
move and it can be fixed in various ways, to a wall for example.

Gallagher MB300.png

Gallagher s20 Solar


The ultimate portable energiser
solution, storing 0.2 J and capable of powering up to 1.8 mile/3km or 1.2 hectare of Multi-wire fence. This fence energiser comes complete with a rechargeable battery and solar panel.

Gallagher S20.png


Country UF Supercharge Wire


Country UF White Tape



Screw-in Insulator

Robust due to metal core. Chance of short circuit zero due to new design. Suitable for (poly) wire in combination with wooden


Screw-In Insulator.png


Econo Reel

A strong and durable reel with
ratchet mechanism for winding
up and unwinding polywire.
Suitable for up to 500m polywire.
Equipped with insulated handle.
Hooks directly fence to use Reel

Economy Reel.png

Horse Post

Unique and durable post, 1.55m
high, which is ideal for semi-permanent horse fencing. Easy to tread by using the convenient stirrup foot. 11 numbered lugs suitable for tape up to 20mm, rope and polywire. The unique twist n’ lock system guarantees a simple and secure attachment of the conductors up to 1.35m high.

Stirrup Post.png

Hotline Falcon

High power 12v energiser suitable for a wide range of applications where mains power is not available.
· 12v input
· On/off switch
· High & low power settings
· Low battery/pulse indicator
· Rigid 4 prong stand 

Hotline Falcon.png

Neon Tester

A convenient tool for checking
whether there is sufficient voltage at the electric fence. Not suitable for checking earth systems.

Gallagher Neon tester.png

Warning Sign

Warning signs must be attached
to any electric fence every 50
metres wherever the fence
borders a public right of way. 

Gallagher Warning Sign.png

Sheep/Cattle Post

A strong and durable reel with
ratchet mechanism for winding
up and unwinding polywire.
Suitable for up to 500m polywire.
Equipped with insulated handle.
Hooks directly fence to use Reel

Sheep Cattle Post.png

Hotline Harrier

Strip grazing energiser with internally housed battery (not included). Highly portable unit offering very good battery life.

· 6v batter input
· Internally housed batteries
· On/off switch
· High & low power settings
· Low battery indicator
· Rigid 4 prong stand
· Pulse indicator 

Hotline Harrier.png

Hotline Gemini

Gemini energisers will run from
either a 12V battery or from a
mains power supply, perfect for
those wanting flexibility to move
between a temporary, portable
fence to a low maintenance mains
· 220v mains input* or
· 12v DC input
· Low battery/pulse indicator
· Adaptor included
*HT lead required for main installation

Hotline Gemini 120.png

Cut Out Switch

By using a switch, you can divide
your fence into several sections
and switch them on and off
independently of each other.
This will also help you trace any
faults that occur. 

Gallagher Cut Out Switch.png


Screw-in Insulator

The practical and flexible way of
protecting existing fences, hedges and walls and for subdiving fields and creating temporary enclosures. 3 Reel systems come complete and packaged in one carton with the wire pre wound for easy installation. 

Hotline Reel System.png

Sheep Netting

Complete and easy to use portable netting for sheep and
lambs. If the pasture is bordered
by ditches, netting offers even
newborn lambs maximum safety. Length 50m.  Includes 15 single or double spikes installed in the netting. It is easy to connect more
nets together.

Sheep Netting.png

Rabbit Netting

Complete and easy to use netting for rabbits and other small pets. This netting keeps your small pets in the fenced plot, but also protects your garden, field or pasture. Length: 50m, available in orange. Includes 15 posts with single or double spike mounted in the net. It is easy to connect more nets together.

Rabbit Netting.png

Poultry Netting

A poultry net is the ideal solution if you frequently need to move your chicken fence. It is user friendly and complete and has a total length of 50m. Includes 15
single or double spike posts that are mounted in the net. It is easy to connect more nets together.

Poultry Netting.png


Country Alkaline

Batteries 9V

120Ah | 165Ah

Fivestar Leisure

Batteries 12V

80Ah Maintenance Free



P2 Pig Tail

41” (104cm) high post with welded triangular base for secure ground fixing. Ideal for strip grazing dairy cattle. Fitted with replaceable plastic pigtail insulator.

P2 Pigtail.png



Solid Fencing Wire - Soft

Galvanised mild steel wire sold in coils by weight
(approx. metres shown)

2.5mm dia x 25kg (650m)
3.15mm dia x 25kg (410m)
4mm dia x 25kg (250m)


HT Barbed Wire

High tensile barbed wire 2 ply reverse twist, 4 barbed
points at 85mm approx. spacing.

200m Coil

Double Barbed Wire

Twin strand barbed wire made from galv. Wire with 2-line
wire twisted, and interlocking 4 barbed points at 85mm
approx. spacing.

Galvanised or green, 200m coil



Stock Fence C8/80/15 Galvanised

The most popular stock fence for sheep, pigs or general
fencing and is medium pattern. 800mm high, 3.15mm top
and bottom wires, 2.5mm intermediates, 150mm between
uprights, 8 horizontal wires.

50m | 100m | 300m | 500m Roll

Vulcan HT8/80/15 Galvanised

High tensile stock fence for sheep, pigs and cattle.

100m | 300m | 500m Roll

Universal Fence L5/60/15 Galvanised for Top Walls

600m (24”) high, 3.15mm top and bottom wires, 2.5mm
intermediates, 150mm (6”) between uprights, 4 horizontal

50m Roll

Rabbit Wire Netting Galvanised

Many farms uses, including poultry fencing, boundary
fencing, cages, pens etc.

1050 x 31 x 19g | 1050 x 31 x 18g

Hampton Horse Net

HT12/107/7.5 50m
HT13/122/7.5 50m

Yard, Garden & Kennel Wire

50 x 50 x 16G 30m
3’ or 4’ high


Round Stakes Peeled

5’6” x 2” - 3” dia
5’6” x 3” - 4” dia
6’ x 3” - 4” dia
7’ x 2” - 3” dia
7’ x 3” - 4” dia
8’ x 3” - 4” dia
9’ x 3” - 4” dia

Round Posts Machined

7’ x 5” - 6” strainers
5’6 x 3”
6’ x 4”
8’ x 4”

Struts & Strainers

8’    6-7” Peeled
8’    7-8” Peeled
8’ x 4” Machined
7’    4-5” Peeled

Half Round Splits

5’6” x 4” dia


Treated Softwood Rails

Half round (Machined)
12’ long x 4” face

Treated Sawn Rails

12’ x 3” x 1.5”
12’ x 3.5” x 1.5”
12’ x 4” x 1.5”

Jump Poles Machined

10’ x 4” dia
12’ x 4” dia

Treated Sawn Gate Posts

8’ x 8” x 8”
8’ x 7” x 7”
7’ x 6” x 6”
10’ x 8” x 8”
10’ x 6” x 6”

Treated Softwood Posts

6’ x 3” x 3”
6’ x 5” x 3”
6’ x 6” x 3”
7’ x 5” x 3”

Wooden Gates

All rails are morticed and tenoned and all braces rails are
morticed into top bar. All rail and braces crossing are bolted.
We can supply any sized wooden gates from 2’ to 14’ with
many core sizes. 3’/4’/5’/6’/8’/10’/12’ kept in stock. 
All odd sizes are made to order. There are three styles:
5 Spell Tan
- Made with pine ends and larch rails
- Approx 1.1m high

5 Spell Country Wood
- Made with mixed softwood
- Approx  1m high

5 Spell Estate Gate with Swept Heel
-Made with pine ends and large rails
- Approx 1.1m high

N.B Heights given are from top rail to bottom rail.


Double Strap Hinges

The set consists of top and bottom strap with top gate hook or bolt through drilled hole, bottom gate hook drives into post. Also available with adjustable bottom strap.

Galvanised complete set

Galvanised top strap 24” | Galvanised bottom strap 5”

Hook on Plate

4” square plate, ¾ pin. Fixes hook to wall.


Easy Latch

Straight handle or trombone handle.

Both supplied in a galvanised finish.  

Gates Hooks

Bolted hook normally supports the top band and drive hook the bottom band.

Galvanised hook to bolt
Galvanised hook to drive

Field Gate Spring Fastener

A set; spring, latch, staple, catch and keep. 

Galvanised complete set


Metal Field Gates & Fittings

Quality 7-rail gates with adjustable hanging stile, box section slam stile. Spring loaded sliding bolt.
Hot dip galv. After manufacture. 

Heavy duty cattleyard gates available.

All sizes from 3’ to 16’ available

Galvanised Gate Posts

4.5” dia. hanging post, 4.5” dia. slam post.



Latches & Hooks Drop over Frame

A frame which holds pairs of gates together. 


Hook on Drilled Plate

A hinge base plate drilled for bolts with either 2 or 4
drilled holes. 


Latch Fastener

A patented latch which catches bow loop to secure gate
as it slams to. 


Adjustable Hinge Eyes

Gate can be adjusted in all directions with this product. 

Galvanised ¾ | Galvanised 1”  



A wire tensioner for use on angle iron posts.  Galvanised

Fencing Pliers

PVC coated handle, ground/polished head with striking face, staple removing hook, pincer and clamp on jaw top,
straining/twisting clamps on lower jaw, plus two shear type
cutter recesses. 

Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

Grade A+
8’ 6” x 10” x 6”

Ratchet Winders

Cast alloy/galv steel wire tensioner, for use on timber or
concrete posts. 


The quick and easy way to join and tension wire fencing.
Quick and easy to use, designed to lock tight and can be
re-tensioned at any time. Choice of two sizes for most
farm wire sizes and types. Precision engineered from
weather resistant materials.