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Equilibrium Massage Mitt
Equilibrium Massage Mitt
Handheld, battery operated horse massage mitt, The quick, effective and easy to use Equilibrium Massage Mitt helps to promote relaxation and improve flexibility. For use on muscle groups in the back, neck, quarters and hamstrings., Battery operated 10-minute sessions in 3 intensities, Stimulates muscles by pulsing, vibration and stroking actions, Perfect before exercise as part of warm up, Can be used...
ex VAT £82.50
Equilibrium Massage Mitt HotspotEquilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot
Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot
Let your horse relax with the Hotspot heat pad for horses. Offering comforting heat and massage, the Hotspot heat pad soothes and relaxes your horses hardworking muscles. The choice is yours – pick from heat and 2 types of massage therapy Tailor the massage with 3 different strengths Fits into your daily routine with a 10-minute programme There’s...
ex VAT £104.17

Equilibrium Crunchits Horse Treats
Equilibrium Crunchits Horse Treats
Naturally healthy, low sugar, bite-sized horse treats providing a wonderful variety of flavours, texture and aromas that horses and ponies love. Made with strawberry, beetroot, parsnip, carrot, banana, pea and spinach, crunchits can be fed daily as a tasty treat or reward. Suitable for all horses and ponies, including those prone to laminitis. Crunchits horse treats are manufactured under the BETA...
ex VAT £4.99
Equilibrium Simply Irresistible Vegetable 1.5kg
Equilibrium Simply Irresistible Vegetable 1.5kg
A healthy and delicious feed-topping made from natural ingredients with added probiotics. Makes full feeds more inviting and irresistible to eat as well as a great taste.
ex VAT £14.99

Equilibrium Vita Munch Treat Block
Equilibrium Vita Munch Treat Block
Made from top quality Timothy grass , slow dried at a low temperature to maintain a fresh succulent flavour and nutrient level. Enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and herbs through a patent pending process. Provides 50% of the published daily requirement of these essential nutrients for the average size horse. Low sugar, high fibre content makes a suitable snack or boredom breaker for horses...
ex VAT £3.99

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