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Cavalor Breeding Start & Go Soft - 15kg
Cavalor Breeding Start & Go Soft - 15kg
Cavalor Breeding Start & Go Soft consists of easily digestible, very tasty and heat-treated grains and milk proteins to gradually teach your foal to eat. This unique combination ensures a smooth transition from milk to concentrated feed during the weaning period, with a growth stop hardly ever occurring. Opti Growth supports a perfect calcium/phosphorus ratio in your foal. Cavalor Breeding Start...
ex VAT £18.70
Cavalor FiberForce Gastro - 15kgCavalor FiberForce Gastro - 15kg
Cavalor FiberForce Gastro - 15kg
FiberForce Gastro is a high-fibre muesli for horses that have a sensitive stomach. It is high in fibre to promote saliva production and neutralise gastric acid. Horses that have stomach problems often lose their appetite because eating is painful. Contains a mix of alfafa and teff pellets, beet pulp and 8% Timothy stalks that are gentle on the stomach lining. In addition, herbs protect the stomach...
ex VAT £20.35

Cavalor Special Care Silhouette - 20kg
Cavalor Special Care Silhouette - 20kg
Cavalor Fiber Care Silhouette a fiber/protein-rich mix to stay in shape or lose weight healthily. Safe and healthy weight loss. In limiting energy intake, it is crucial to meet the need for essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals. Lose fat, not muscle. Contains high-quality, easily digestible proteins with an amino-acid profile close to that of the horse's muscles. This ensures...
ex VAT £23.90
Cavalor Sport Superforce Expert - 20kg
Cavalor Sport Superforce Expert - 20kg
Cavalor Super Force is a high quality mix specifically composed for highly active competition horses that have to deliver brief and explosive efforts (jumping, cutting, racing). Cavalor Superforce contains a special selection of exclusive high-quality grains and an exceptional mix of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This mix is a source of high-quality, easily digestible proteins and an extensive range...
ex VAT £20.90