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Bimectin Plus InjectionBimectin Plus Injection
Bimectin Plus Injection
A clear colourless to pale yellow sterile non-aqueous solution. Indicated for the treatment of mixed trematode and nematode or arthropod infestations of gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms, liver fluke, eyeworms, warbles, mange mites and sucking lice. Legal Category: POM-VPS.
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Oral suspension containing 10 w/v triclabendazole. For the treatment of adult, immature and early immature stages of liver fluke (fasciola hepatica), susceptible to triclabendazole. Legal Category: POM-VPS.
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Bimectin Injection - 500ml
Bimectin Injection - 500ml
A clear, colourless, slightly viscous, sterile solution for injection containing 1% w/v ivermectin PhEur. For cattle, use for the treatment and control of gastro-intestinal nematodes, lungworms, eyeworms, warbles, mange mites and lice. May also be used as an aid in the control of mange mite and biting lice, but complete elimination may not occur. For sheep, use for the treatment and control of gastro-intestinal...
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Cosecure Cattle Applicator
Cosecure Cattle Applicator
For the application of Cosecure Cattle Boluses.
ex VAT £75.00

Cose I Cure Cattle - 20pk
Cose I Cure Cattle - 20pk
Direct-to-Rumen, Continuous Release Nutritional Bolus Uses: Supplies ionic copper, ionic cobalt, selenium and iodine at levels compatible with the animal's daily requirements for up to six months. Each Bolus Contains: 13.4% w/w ionic copper 0.50% w/w ionic cobalt 1.00% w/w iodine 0.15% w/w selenium
ex VAT £105.00
Flyoff Applicator
Flyoff Applicator
Applicator gun for use with Fly Off.
ex VAT £29.00

Coseicure Sheep Bolus - 50pk
Coseicure Sheep Bolus - 50pk
For use in areas of copper, iodine and selenium deficiencies and for the improvement of cobalt supply in sheep over 25kg.
Gold Fleece Sheep Dip - 5l
Gold Fleece Sheep Dip - 5l
Recommended for the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike, ticks, keds, lice and scab infestations on sheep. An emulsifiable concentrate for dip solution with a brown colour and a distinct odour, containing diazinon 60% w/w. A pair of gloves, laminated dispensing kit instruction card and a laminated sheep dipping safety card are supplied with each container. This product must only be dispensed...

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