The products detailed below are part our extensive range of Animal Health & Hygiene products.

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Items marked 'POM-VPS' are pharmaceutical products and sales are restricted to licensed premises and to persons who have charge of animals as part of their business. Animal health products cannot be credited or replaced once the have left any of the BATA premises, this applies to all animal medicines, sheep dips and all vaccines etc.

Always follow the instructions on the packaging or container when treating animals.



Invomec Super Injection

Contains ivermectin (10mg/ml and clorsulon (100mg/ml)
for treatment / control of gastrointestinal roundworms,
including inhibited Ostertagia, lungworms, liverfluke,
eyeworms, lice, mange and warbles in beef and
non-lactating dairy cattle.

Dosed at the rate of 1ml / 50kg:

50ml | 200ml | 500ml                                                  POM-VPS

Cydectin 10% LA Cattle

For the treatment and prevention of mixed infestations
by gastro-intestinal nematodes, respiratory nematodes
and certain arthropod parasites.
Dose: 0.5ml / 50kg 

50ml | 200ml                                                                     POM-VPS


Panacur 10% Cattle

Effective against all kinds of gastrointestinal roundworms
both mature, immature and worm eggs. Prevents
Ostertagiasis Type II (winter scours) and eliminates
Dose: 1ml / 13kg

1L | 2L | 5L                                                                           POM-VPS


An orally administered drench used for the treatment of
mature, immature and early immature liver fluke in cattle.
Dose: 6 ml per 50 kg of bodyweight.

2.5L | 5L                                                                                POM-VPS

Fasinex Cattle 250

Contains triclabendazole, the only active ingredient to kill
all 3 stages of liver fluke down to two weeks of age
(early immature) in cattle. Ideal housing dose for cattle -
recommended for use two weeks after housing.
Dose: 5ml / 100kg

5L                                                                                              POM-VPS


Paramectin Pour-On

For the treatment and control of gastrointestinal nematodes, lungworms, eyeworms, warbles, chorioptic and sarcoptic mange and sucking and biting lice of beef and non-lactating dairy cattle.
Do not use in cows producing milk for human consumption. Do not use in non-lactating dairy cows including pregnant heifers within 60 days of calving.
Dose: 1ml / 10kg
Dose: 1ml / 13kg

1L | 2.5L | 5L                                                                       POM-VPS

Dectomax Pour On

Treatment and control of gastro-intestinal roundworms,
lungworms, eyeworms, warbles, suckling and biting lice,
mange mites and hornfly in cattle. Safe on all ages of cattle.
Dose: 1ml / 10kg

1L | 2.5L | 5L                                                                       POM-VPS

Closamectin Pour On

The first product of its king to provide a 4-in-1 combination to effectively treat fluke, worms and lice in one easily applied pour-on solution. Allows farmers to apply a combination product containing both ivermectin and closantel to effectively treat immature and mature flukes, as well as all of the major gastro-intestinal roundworms of economic importance and both biting and sucking lice.
Dose: 1ml / 10kg

1L | 2.5L | 6L                                                                       POM-VPS

Eprinex Pour On

For treatment and control of gastro-intestinal roundworms (including inhibited Ostertagia Cooperia) lungworms, warbling, sucking and biting lice, chorioptic and sarcoptic mange mites in beef and dairy cattle.
Dose: 1ml / 10kg

1L | 2.5L | 5L                                                                       POM-VPS


Autoworm First Grazer

For 100 - 400kg cattle at dosing.
7 pulses covering 21 weeks.    


Autoworm Finisher

For 100 - 400kg cattle at dosing.
5 pulses covering 15 weeks.    



Covexin 8 Combined Clostridial Vaccine

Cattle immunisation against pulpy kidney, braxy, blackleg
(including post-parturient gangrene), struck, black disease,
tetanus and disease due to Clostridium Oedematiens Type D.Cattle dose: 5ml. Revaccination is required at six monthly intervals for continuous protection but where there is no period of risk in the winter, annual- revaccination is all that is necessary.
Dose: 5ml

 100ml | 250ml                                                                   POM-VPS

Blackleg Vaccines

For the active immunisation of cattle against blackleg.
Dose 2ml

50ml                                                                                          POM-VPS


Country Cocci Drench

For the treatment and prevention of coccidial infections in
lambs and to aid in the control of coccidiosis in calves.
No meat withdrawal period; No need to dilute manure from treated animals before spreading; A single oral dose - easy to administer; Allows natural immunity of young stock
to develop.
Dose: 1ml / 2.5kg

1L | 2.5L | 5L                                                                         POM-VPS

Combinex Sheep

A combination of levamisole broad spectrum wormer and
triclabendazole flukicide with low dose rate for ashier
drenching. Can be safely given to young, pregnant or
stressed stock.
Dose: 1ml / 5kg body weight. 

0.8L | 2.2L | 5L                                                                     POM-VPS

Paramectin Drench

For treatment and control of gastrointestinal worms
(adult and immature), lungworms, nasal bots in sheep.
Does: 2.5ml/10kg

2.5L | 5L                                                                                  POM-VPS

Fasimec Duo S Sheep

Combination fluke and wormer for the treatment and
control of parasitic bronchitis, gastroenteritis and
fasciolosis in sheep.
Dose: 2ml / 10kg

5L                                                                                                POM-VPS

Cydectin Triclamox

An oral solution for sheep contains moxidectin and
triclabendazole. It is a flukicide combined with a long-acting wormer. Moxidectin has persistent activity against key sheep parasites. It provides up to 35 days of persistent
protection against both Haemonchus and Teladorsagia
worms. Not authorised for use in ewes producing milk intended for human consumption. 
Dose rate: 1ml/5kg

1L | 2.5L | 5L                                                                         POM-VPS


An orally administered drench used for the treatment of
mature, immature and early immature liver fluke in sheep.
Dose: 1ml per 10kg body weight

2.5L | 5L                                                                                  POM-VPS

Country Ovidrench

A multi-purpose anthelmintic for the control of mature
and developing immature forms of gastro-intestinal
roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms and adult liver fluke
in sheep and cattle. It is also ovicidal against fluke and
roundworm eggs.
Dose: 3ml / 10kg

1L  | 10L                                                                                  POM-VPS

Levacur SC 3%

For the treatment of sheep and cattle infected with mature
and developing immature stages of the levamisole
susceptible nematode worm species gastro-intestinal
worms and lungworms.
Dose: 2.5ml / 10kg

2.5L | 5L                                                                                 POM-VPS

Cydectin Sheep Drench

For the treatment and control of adult and immature
roundworms including benzimibazole resisting strains.
Dose: 1ml / 5kg

1L | 2.5L | 5L                                                                         POM-VPS

Rycoben SC

Contains selenium and copper. Broad spectrum wormer
and fluke drench controls roundworms, tapeworm,
lungworm and fluke.
Dose: 1ml / 5kg

2.2L | 5L                                                                                  POM-VPS


A broad spectrum, low-volume oral drench for the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms in sheep. Used appropriately in drench rotation, Zolvix can minimise the development of resistance to other existing drench actives, improve worm control and boost flock productivity. Do not use in female sheep that are producing or may in the future produce milk or milk products for human consumption.
Dose: 1ml / 10kg

500ml | 1L | 5L                                                                    POM-VPS



The only product to treat scab and worms with a single
injection and with a persistency against worms for up to
111 days and against scab for up to 60 days. Do not use
in dairy sheep, at any stage of life. Do not use in sheep
less than 15kg bodyweight. The injection should be
administered as a single subcutaneous injection at the
base of the ear.
Dose: 1ml / 20kg

50ml | 200ml | 500ml                                                     POM-VPS

Dectomax Injection

Dectomax Injectable Solution is the only licensed product
that can treat and control sheep scab from a single injection. One injection is an effective alternation to dipping for sheep scab control and it provides control of a large number of worm species as well.
Dosage is 1ml per 33kg body weight by the intra-muscular
route. Safe in pregnant animals. Not for use in dairy ewes.
Dose: 1ml / 33kg

50ml | 250ml | 500ml                                                     POM-VPS


Covexin 8 Combined Clostridial Vaccine

For the active immunization of sheep and cattle against
lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney disease, braxy, blackleg
(including post-parturient gangrene), struck, black disease,
tetanus and disease due to Clostridium Oedematiens Type D. Sheep Dose: initial injection of 5ml followed another of
2ml not less than 6 weeks later established protection.
All subsequent does are of 2ml

100ml | 250ml                                                                    POM-VPS

Ovivac P Plus

For vaccination against pulpy kidney, braxy, blackleg,
tetanus and pasteurellosis due to P.haemolytica and
P. trehalosi serotypes.
Does: 2ml

100ml | 500ml                                                                    POM-VPS

Blackleg Vaccine

For the active immunisation of sheep against blackleg.
Dose: 2ml

50ml                                                                                         POM-VPS

Heptavac P Plus

For sheep / lamb vaccination against lamb dystentery,
pulpy kidney, braxy, blackleg, black disease, stuck, tetanus,
clostridial metritis and pasteurellosis caused by
P. haemolytica and P. trehalosi serotypes. 2 doses required
4-6 weeks apart. 4 annual boosters required thereafter.
Dose: 2ml

50ml | 100ml | 250ml | 500ml                                   POM-VPS


Vaccination of sheep against lamb dysentary, pulpy kidney,
struck and tetanus.
Dose: 2ml

50ml | 100ml                                                                       POM-VPS


Metal Drenching



Metal Drenching Gun.png

Country Sheep & Cattle Drencher



Bottle Mounted Injector



Country Sheep Pour-On Gun



Farm Station 5ml Sterivac Pack

 The safer, cleaner, economical way to inject all livestock.
Reduces danger of cross infection. Incorporates the
Sterimatic needle sanitisation system. K
it comprises: Philips 5ml semi-disposable vaccinator, draw off system, stericap, sterimatic sleeve, 1 hypodermic needle. Stericap will give 100 automatically disinfected injection deliveries. 

Refill Pack

Comprises: 5 needles and 5 Stericaps.

Comprises: 5 needles and 5 Stericaps.

Lamb Drencher


Comprises: 5 needles and 5 Stericaps.


Osmonds Gold Fleece Sheep Dip

Recommended for the prevention and treatment of blowfly
strike, ticks, keds, lice and scab infestations on sheep. An
emulsifiable concentrate for dip solution with a brown
colour and a distinct odour, containing diazinon 60% w/w.

5L                                                                                                POM-VPS

Bloom Additive

A liquid sheep colouring for addition to the dipping bath.
This product is recommended for use with Purl Dip. The
colour of this bloom additive will fade completely in 12
weeks and is fully scourable. Ideal for use before sheep sales.
Dilution rate 1ltr to 500 gallons.


Purl Dip

For dilution with water to give required
pearl to the wool for presentation, sales and showing.
Dilute at 1:80.

4.5L | 22.5L                                                                          


Butox Swish

A broad spectrum insecticide with a rapid knock down.
Control of biting and nuisance flies of cattle. A single
application provides protection against flies for 8-10 weeks.

1L | 2.5L                                                                                  POM-VPS


An insecticide containing the synthetic pyrethroid
permethrin 4% w/v. It provides up to 8 weeks’ long-lasting
control of nuisance flies and also controls lice and
treats mange.

3L                                                                                                POM-VPS

Spot On

Kills biting and nuisance flies on cattle. Easy to administer,
protects whole body within 24 hours, retreatment usually
only needed every 4 weeks. Also controls lice on cattle,
sheep and pigs, ticks keds and headfly induced lesions
on sheep. Use applicator/1ltr flexipack with large herds.

250ml | 500ml | 1L | 2.5L                                              POM-VPS


Clikzin Pour On

Insect growth regulator pour-on for the prevention of
blowfly strike in sheep and lambs. Provides 8 weeks’
protection with a 7 day meat withdrawal period.

5L                                                                                                POM-VPS

Clik Pour On

For the prevention of blowfly strikes on sheep and lambs.
Gives up to 16 weeks protection.

0.8L | 2.2L | 5L                                                                      POM-VPS

Dysect Pour On

For the control and treatment of blowfly strike.
Give up to 8-10 weeks protection.

5L                                                                                                POM-VPS

Battles Maggot Oil

A soothing skin dressing and effective fly repellent, for use
in sheep when fly strike is a problem.

1L                                                                                                POM-VPS

Crovect Pour On

For the treatment and control of ticks, sheep flies and
biting lice also blowfly on sheep.

0.8L | 5L                                                                                  POM-VPS

Clik Extra Pour On

For the prevention of blowfly strikes on sheep and lambs.
Gives up to 19 weeks protection.

0.8L | 2.2L | 5L                                                                     POM-VPS

Country Fly Off

Used in sheep for the treatment and control of head-flies,
ticks and biting lice and for the prevention and treatment
of blowfly strike.

5L                                                                                                POM-VPS


Rumbul Magnesium Bolus

Aid to prevention of hypomagnesaemia in sheep and cattle,
administered with Rumbul guns. Rumbul cattle dose 2
bullets: Rumbul sheep dose 1 bullet.


Agrimin Smart-Trace Plus Growing Cattle

Designed for situations where iodine, cobalt and selenium
supplementation is essential for efficient growth, optimum
health and fertility and where additional copper is required.
Dose: 1 Bolus


Agrimin Smart-Trace Ewe

Designed for situations where iodine, cobalt and selenium
supplementation is required. Dose: 1 Bolus


Country Sheep Vitamin & Mineral Drench

A highly concentrated blend of multivitamins and chelated
trace elements to ensures maximum bioavailability for
fertility in ewes and thrive in lambs.

1L | 2.5L | 5L

Country Sheep Vitamin & Mineral
Drench + Copper


2.5L | 5L

Agrimin Smart-Trace Plus Cattle

A sustained release bolus containing copper, iodine, cobalt
and selenium. Intended for adult cattle on grass or
forage-based diets with a liveweight over 400 kg.
Dose: 1 Bolus


Agrimin Smart-Trace Plus Ewe

Designed for situations where copper, iodine, cobalt and
selenium supplementation is essential in the run up to
tupping, at scanning or over-wintering.

Dose: 1 Bolus 




Agrimin Smart-Trace Lamb

A sustained release bolus specifically designed for lambs
containing iodine, cobalt and selenium. Intended for
ruminating lambs with a liveweight over 25 kg.

Dose: 2 Bolus


Country Cobalt, Selenium & B12


Highly concentrated blend of multivitamins and chelated
trace elements to ensure maximum bioavailability for
improved fertility, growth performance and thriftiness
in sheep.

1L | 2.5L

Country Cattle Vitamin & Mineral Drench

Ensures maximum bioavailability for improved fertility,
growth performance and thriftiness in cattle, calves, cows
pre-calving, cows pre-service and beef cattle.



Calciject 40% CM No.5

Calcium borogluconate 40% w/v. magnesium hypophosphite 5% w/v. Metabolic solution for treatment of hypocalcaemia complicated by phosphorus and magnesium deficiency with hypoglycaemia in cattle.
Dose rate: cattle 200-400ml.

Administered by subcutaneous or intravenous injection.

400ml                                                                                       POM-VPS

Bovikalc Calcium Bolus

An oral calcium supplement which is a unique bolus
formulation that provides fast and extended support of
blood calcium levels in freshening dairy cows.
Dose: 1 bolus prior to or immediately after, calving and a
second bolus twelve hours later. 


Magniject No.9

The treatment of hypomagnesaemia in cattle and sheep.
Administered by subcutaneous injection only.
Cattle: Up to 400ml Sheep: Up to 75ml

400ml                                                                                       POM-VPS


Country Calf Colostrum

Fortified with egg powder to supplement the high level of
natural colostrum and contains vitamins A, D3 & E to
counter common deficiencies in calves.

Ready to use.

300g Sachet | 300g Bottle

Volac Calf Volostrum

Box treats one calf simply mixed with two pints of warm
water and fed to the calf through a teat as soon as possible
after birth, preferably within 6 hours.


Country Lamb Colostrum

Fortified with egg powder to supplement the high level of
natural colostrum and contains vitamins A, D3 & E to counter common deficiencies in lambs.

12 x 80g | 1.25kg Packs

Country Scour Formula

A re-hydration solution to boost energy and digestion in
scouring calves which is formulated with beneficial bacteria and anti-oxidants and provides a balanced source of electrolytes. For use on newborn and bought in calves.
Also suitable for use on suckling and weaned pigs, lambs,
kid goats, newborn llamas and alpacas.

12 x 76g Sachets

Volac Lamb Volostrum

Mix 1 x 50g sachet / 100ml warm water, teat feed to lamb as
soon as possible after birth, preferably within 6 hours.

10 x 500g

Country Calf Paste

For use at birth, bought in calves and at times of stress.
High levels of available energy and added vitamins to aid

15g Syringe



Animal Shampoo

General shampoo for all animals.

5L | 25L

Country Iodine BP 10% Strong

A spirit based superior quality strong iodine with 10% Iodine active. The preferred choice for drying wounds, umbilicals.

500ml | 2.5L

Country Supalube

A long lasting lubricating gel which will not dry or flake. Ideal
for obstetric use and pregnancy diagnosis.

500ml | 2.5L



For use in the footrot bath.
Dilution 1:19. Supplied in non-returnable containers.


Golden Hoof Plus

An alternative to formalin, safe, fume free, painless. Sheep
prefer it, lambs need not be separate.
Diluted at 1kg in 10L  water.


Provita Hoofsure

A blend of organic acids, zinc, herbs and wetting agents that have been specially developed to clean and care for the hooves of cattle and sheep. 

5L | 20L


Country Twim Lamb 4 In 1

For use at first sign of fatigue and in cases of twin lamb
disease. Formulated for the ewe close to lambing with
added vitamins and trace elements to counteract
deficiencies due to stress of pregnancy and stimulants
appetite to encourage feeding.


Battles Twin Lamb Drench

A fast-acting, energy rich drench to protect against, and
support Twin Lamb Disease. Contains a combination of two valuable energy sources to offer the ewe an instant energy boost, as well as a sustained energy supply.


Country Newborn Lamb 5 in 1

For use at birth, following digestive upsets and at times of
stress, to kickstart and aid new-born lambs. High levels of
available energy and added vitamins to aid thriftiness and
egg powder for a healthy gut.


Nettex Lamb Kick Start

A rapid energy boost for small, weak and growing lambs
which includes glucogenic energy source to aid the elevation of blood glucose levels.



Dales Marketing Fluid

A marker fluid adheres strongly to a sheep's fleecy coat,
making it ideal for numbering your flock or marking those
you need to keep a closer eye on.

2.5kg | 5L

Ritchey Sprayline

An all-weather, long lasting aerosol marker for general use in sheep and lamb identification and as a multi-purpose dairy cow flank and udder marker. 


Country Stock Marker

Approved by the British Wool Marketing Board providing
farmers with a reliable sheep marking solution. Works on
both wet and dry fleeces with a rapid drying formulation.


Raddle Powder

An efficient powder used to apply on the ram's chest at
tupping time.




Dairy Flyspray

Quick knockdown ready to use insecticide for milking
parlours and stock housing.


Bayer Flying Insect Killer Aerosol 

Ozone friendly aerosol, kills flies, flying ants, midges,
mosquitoes, wasps and other flying insects.



Tufanaga Green Gel

Heavy duty hand cleaner



Virkon S

Balanced stabilised blend of peroxygen compounds,
non-mineral inorganic and organic acids. Effective against
all disease causing virus families: especially effective against equine herpes.


Jeyes Fluid

Ministry approved disinfectant for use in animal housing
and stables.


Battles Flack Fluid

Ministry approved disinfectant for use against general
odours and fowl pests.

1L | 4.5L

Sorgene Xtra

A very powerful broad spectrum environmental disinfectant for the control of disease-causing micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores of commercial importance.


Fam 30

An extremely powerful DEFRA approved farm disinfectant
offering rapid results and excellent protection from a
wide range of disease-causing organisms. 




An effective disinfectant suitable for pigs, horses, sheep,
cattle, goats and poultry which helps against moisture, odor, bacteria and fungal spores. 50-100g/m².

25kg Bag

Hydramix Lime

Use in cow cubicles, poultry and stock sheds which provides a rapid rise in pH yet is gentle enough not to burn. It effectively controls E. coli and aids in the prevention of
mastitis and digital dermatitis. 200GM/Cow m² | 500GM/m² Game, Poultry, Lambing pens.

25kg Bag



Deosan Descale

A low foaming phosphoric acid based liquid detergent
descale for use on all types of fairy plant and equipment.


Red Label Hypochlorite

Powerful hypochlorite rising solution.




Natural liniment with 35% pure ‘cai-pan’ Japanese
peppermint oil, no discarded milk. Stimulates circulation,
promotes udder health.


Battles Uddercream

A readily absorbent cream to maintain good udder condition and aid in the treatment of chaps and sores. 

400g | 1.1kg | 5kg

BluGuard Teat Dip

Ready to use for post milking.




Day Roped

Every rope carries 12 bangs fired at fired at approximately
30 minutes intervals and a hook to hang from a stake or in a drum to accentuate noise. Two ropes ignited 10 minutes
apart will give a more frequent noise. 12 Pack

Rat Trap - Little Nipper

High performance rat trap with extra-large treadle resulting in an extremely high catch rate.

Pest-Stop Sure-Set Rat Trap

One click set and release mechanism, no touch disposal
- easy to release, clean and reuse.

Rat Trap Cage Multicatch

Ingenious funnel design allows capture of multiple rats
which is reusable for indoor and outdoor use.

Mole Trap - Scissor/Claw

Easy to set in a mole hill or mole tunnel. The handle ends of
the trap are left showing above ground and these then
spring apart when you have a mole catch.

Night Ropes

12 bangs/rope fired each 30 minutes after 4-5 hour silent
burning period. For igniting late at night to start early dawn for ease of operation. Pack of 6

Rat Trap Wire Cage

A spring loaded front entrance is triggered when the intrudes takes the bait.

Pest-Stop Easy-Set Rat Trap Box

Powerful trap in a secure box ensures safety which is
ultra-hygienic - contains the rat for easy disposal.

Mole Trap - Tunnel

An effective solution to mole problems with a dual entry
trap to ensure a catch from either direction.

Rabbit & Squirrell Cage Trap

A high quality, robust, galvanised steel cage which has a
reliable trip-plate mechanism safety seals rabbit and
squirrels inside.


Nettex Scaly Leg

A 3-in-1 solution that soothes, softens and cleanses scales
affected by scaly leg mites.


Nettex Mite Kill Liquid

Highly effective insecticide and disinfectant cleaner for
poultry housing that kills mites, lice and other crawling


Smite Red Mite Professional Concentrate

A powerful product for cleaning and disinfecting your
chicken house of red mite.

1L | 5L

Smite Red Mite Ready To Use

Cleans and sanitises your chicken coop, simply spray,
scrub and rinse.


Nettex Anti Feather Pecking

A dual purpose spray to help prevent pecking and cleanse
minor wounds.


Barrier Red Mite Powder

An effective repellent to be applied to poultry as a proactive ‘on bird’ deterrent to infestation or to rectify an existing problem. Dust powder on for a long lasting effect.


Smite Mite & Louse Powder

Contains no pesticides or chemicals and kills insect pests by breaking down the waxy exoskeleton and then absorbing lipids and body fluids, which causes them to dry out and die.

350g | 1kg | 5kg


Clay Pigeon Standard Black


Clay Pigeon Standard Orange


Clay Pigeons Midi


Smite Red Mite Ready To Use


Champion Gun Cleaning Range

Designed to keep your firearm in it's best performance
condition possible. Whether it be a rifle, shotgun or pistol -
their range can be used on them all.

Bore Cleaner

Gun Grease

Gun Oil

Bore Snake

Cleaning Kits

Hull Cartridge Range

Shotgun cartridges for game and clay shooters, designed 
to give 100% performance.

High - Pheasant

High - Pheasant Extreme

Imperial Game

Super Fast Clay Cartridges

Comp X